Dec 8, 2010

About Nihal: Part 2

Merhaba my dear friends,
Quote from: zafiro
MiMi’cim I just saw your both posts  . I am speechless. Habibti you did a great job resolving my quiz.

Wise Lady'cim thank you dear for reading my assignment .. I hope you'll evaluate me fairly not with generosity like Tinkoora'cim .. she gave me 9/10 although I colored her eyes & hair wrongly ..
In fact it’s good the movie ended and all we have to do is to watch each episode reading between the lines .. We aren’t focusing on the future of the story losing the essence of it because of the stress of what will happen ..

I totally agree with you habibti .. I can't speed up with the flow of events .. we are now on bolum 20 and I can't move from the first five episodes emotionally.

AiM is not the kind of dizi to be watched for suspense .. it's a social form of drama that can happen so often in real life .. some stories remind us of our own .. some characters we learn lessons from their experiences.
This movie is making me take incredible trips inside the complex nature of human being.

One time in a previous post you said Ms. Deniz is making you looking into each character from her window .. I took your lines and tried to see if this is possible for me as well and after sometime I found my answer .. it is Nehal .. she is the one till now making me looking into everything and everyone in this dizi using her eyes, moods and way of thinking.

Glad that your wind reached her this time to give us the opportunity to read your marvelous post.

Yes Nehal gives wrong impression about her personality because she is still too young to understand her own behavior but as you said abla'cim if she seems self-centered in few scenes, immediately she gives the explanation behind it in the following one.

We noticed her childish behavior when she loses control and surrenders herself to fainting episodes .. these are the only times I felt she is overreacting out of her fear of losing her father's love to another woman in the future. 

Interesting personality indeed, though Ms. Deniz described her unsocial but we can see how being an isolated kid then a teenager didn't stop her from having internal hidden self maturity, surly Ms. Deniz deserves all the credit with her great love, care and input in this young lady, and this is the part you explained beautifully with your special signature.

Their scene together at Nehal's bedroom the day after Fayrouz hanem's accident and admission to the hospital in unstable condition is one of the perfect moments to see the style of communication between the two of them.

Here Nehal proved she is very smart, she had all the answers to her question marks before asking them but this is how she keeps the conversation running and gets the attention of her lovely substitute mother and remarkable teacher over the years.

It looked like if she was thinking by herself loudly, she found in Ms. Denis a good listener to her thoughts, she was explaining to her what it means to live without a mother knowing that her Miss lost her mother too then for me she was emphasizing on the importance of loving mothers no matter what mistakes they may have in their lives and how Bihtar should be more thankful for her mother's survival .. the little girl was wondering how she never saw a single tear for what happened in Bihtar's eyes at the hospital, she was the only one among the adults in the waiting area noticing her serious rocky look what made her more suspicious from this woman's side. Then she is the only one with sharp intuition in the family reading between everyones lines.

I'm sure the wind will bring me to Nehal several times, she is worth to be under our focus.

Love Love 


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