Dec 6, 2010

Time Elements

My dear friends ;

I am watching (AiM) bolums dubbed into Arabic on mbc 4 and I would like to share my thoughts with you.

She did a perfect job all these years living on one dream " to be recognized by Adnan bey " .. This family is all what she earned from life, the mother of the two kids sensed in her the kindness & milky white heart , she had put trust on her to be the person supporting the kids and holding the house together before leaving this life ..

And Ms. Deniz was the perfect choice , no other place to go to, no family is waiting for her at the end of the day , anyone in her position would of agreed immediately ..

She became one of the big house pillars , she deserves the love of the family members for giving them the quality of care and knowledge.

No wonder she was the first to notice the sparkle in Adnan's eyes while Samar (Bihter) is around,
she always loved him silently thinking that he is hiding something for her inside his heart.

Out of all this world he picked Lamis (Deniz) to inform his daughter about his coming marriage. Poor miss, she handled the conversation till the end.
Looking at her dream smashing in front of her eyes, broke her heart completely.

Time element ?? she spent the blossom of her youth waiting for him to announce her officially (his wife & the mother of his kids). She is really a brave woman, she could not go through with her letter, she couldn't leave her life behind so she decided to swallow her pride and accept the painful fact .. she gathered herself together and did what she had to do, informing his young daughter and standing at their side as she always been.


Scenes from episode 2

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