Dec 8, 2010

Who is Behlul?

Merhaba my dear friends,

I am an old and slow African train,  I enjoy taking my time at each station without worrying about what will happen in the next one. My only concern for now is to look at the people living all together in the big house and try  to understand who they are and why, what are their dreams, fears, hope etc. it’s too early for me to think of the forbidden love or anything else that will happen in the future since I am still interested in their past to understand their present.  Tonight I want to talk about Behlul.

Who is Behlul?

I feel if I don’t try to understand who is Behlul now, later it will be too late because he will be much more lost and harder to define.  Behlul is a young handsome man full of insecurity and fears.  Like the kids he grew up with, he lost his parents when he was young.  Adnan Bey took him home and with his wife they decided to give him all the attention and love he needed as if he was their own kid. He had his second opportunity but not for very long.  Yes Behlul has a deep wound, he lost 2 mothers.  The one who gave him birth and the one who chose him after he lost his parents. 

After losing his both mothers Behlul decided not to trust love anymore, specially not the one coming from women.  He feels responsible of the death of the mother of Nihal and Bulent like if he brought the curse to the house, like if his destiny was to grow up without a mom and by forcing the destiny the kids lost their mom (He understand Bulent’s feeling of guilt more than anyone else at that house).   That why he never could get rid of his insecurity and never could feel he was a full  member of this family. He is always scared to   lose them and to find himself alone in life. He doesn’t know who is he really,  he doesn’t know where to stand really relatively to this family. 
He can’t consider himself like Nihal and Bulent because in fact he is ‘Behlul Haznedar’ and not ‘Behlul Ziyagil’.  but he doesn’t want to think he is standing with  Beshir and Jemila with whom he grew up in the big house. He is in between and that why he is always looking down at Besir reminding him they are not standing at the same place in the house (for the great pleasure of Jemila who has her reasons to enjoy watching Beshir looked down by Behlul) .

Of course he has no reason for it  and everybody in the big house always considered him a  son more of Adnan Bey but he carries this insecurity because emotionally, he is still the little kid who arrived in the family years ago  and he refuses to grow up. He made the choice not  to  grow  up because he is scared if he becomes an  ‘Adult’ they may ask him to continue his own path alone. He thinks he needs to win them again and again and with his actions he keeps  reminding  them of the little kid who arrived years ago and his strategy works.

The most interesting scene to understand Behlul is the one we watched after  his  big fight with Nihal. His confusion and reaction when he heard Miss Deniz telling him about the feeling of Nihal toward him were interesting to observe.

 The character  doesn’t leave the viewer indifferent, I am sure either you love him or you hate him and in the same episode, you may love him and hate him the same time.  You are sorry for him sometimes and angry  at him other times, because most of the time he doesn’t know how to catch the   happiness within his reach. 

Muchos besos,

Your African sister Zafiro

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