Dec 8, 2010

About Nihal

My dear friends,
Here I am back. I have so much to say about this movie but sometimes I simply can't focus on one aspect because when a movie talks about the human nature  and feeling it's so hard to make abstraction and dissociate things that are naturally related.
As you see MiMi'cim  me too I go with the wind. Don't be surprised to see me back to any of your previous posts because I still have a lot to say about what you said but for today the wind took me to another direction.

This movie is making me take incredible trips inside the complex nature of human being.  The accident of Fayrouz (Firdevs)  Hanem  made  us  meet   each of the character in a deeper way.  The possible death of Fayrouz Hanem  opened wounds of each of the member of  Adan Bey’s family.   I want to talk about each of them but for today I will start with Nihal.

In the episode about   the accident we saw how Nihal is bothered because Samar doesn’t seem affected  by the possibility of her mother ‘s death. She doesn’t understand why her own pain for losing her mom years ago is still so deep while Samar doesn’t seem very much affected? 
But we learned  much more about Nihal through that scene and we could see how deep and close to a mother- daughter relationship she had  with Mademoiselle (Another topic but I will postpone it until I talk about  the Character of Ms Deniz, I hope).

What can I say about Nihal, this young lady apparently self-centred and who may bother us with her apparent childish behavior?   Episode after episode we are building the puzzle about her personality.  Nihal isn’t self-centred at all. She cares about everybody,  she loves.  She is always trying to give everyone a piece of her big heart.   She gives a lot to her beloved ones and that why she also expect a lot from them.

We know how much she worried about Behlul when he left home and how she was giving him  money because she knew he won’t have any.  She felt responsible of him even though she is much younger and at 25 he should be able to survive alone in the outside real world. 

We know how much she cares about Mademoiselle, for example  her father said, for  long time she tried to find her  father in Paris. She even charged Behlul to look for him when he went to Paris.

We all know how much she cares about her father and we remember when she was telling him she won’t get married to stay with him. We also saw how much efforts she made to accept her father marriage with Bihter  and how she asked him not to give up on his life for them. It was a brave attitude.

We know how much she worries about his brother and how much responsible she feels toward him. She takes seriously her promise to her mother to take care of his little brother.  We saw how much  bothered,  she was  to hear him calling Samar: Mama.  The immediate reason of her anger seemed to be jealousy but we knew later that it wasn’t the only reason. She was moved by more  than one reason. She acted this way to protect her bother from life’s slaps.  She worries about him and his wounds if the lady he decided to call mom decides to leave them.  She is doing what moms usually do for their kids, she is trying to protect her brother from being hurt. An impossible mission but she is trying.     

Yes Nihal is  noisy and impulsive and sometimes even excessive in her reactions but it’s something natural at her age (and I hope she will keep forever part of this in her personality as an adult). With her brother, they are the life in their house.  Sometimes,   I am unable  to understand why   having these two kids around him, their father is still having this sad look,?  How their smile couldn’t heal his wounds all these years? Yes we saw his look of pride when he look at them and they make him smile from time to time but the smile is always quickly followed by this typical look of him.

I won’t finish my post about Nihal without talking once again about Mademoiselle Deniz (Lamis). We can see how day after day this woman is teaching this young lady beautiful things about life and people. After each crisis we saw how she knew when to talk to her and when to give her space to be alone. And everytime she talked to her we saw her trying her best to make her rethink her actions without forcing anything to happen. Using communication, the simplest tool we all have but we he forget so often to use,  Mademoiselle Deniz always reaches Nihal heart and mind with her words and the tone she uses to say them.
Thank you to the young Hazal Kaya for portraying a such complex character with so much talent. And for the writers for making such interesting characters in this movie.

Muchos besos,

Your African sister Zafiro.

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