Dec 8, 2010

AIM: A team work (a reply)

MiMi habibti, I am so happy we are sharing this common interest to this movie, I am enjoying it much more knowing you are watching it with me and liking it much more after each new episode.
If being slow means when you write,  you will make me enjoy much more the movie like you did with your post than it’s worth it to wait for you. You made me relive and rewatch bolum 1 once more.
The picture is reflecting the harmony of a team work :…

Yes you said what I am  feeling about the movie. There is a perfect harmony in this movie only possible thanks to the perfect harmony that exist between the team. You can’t imagine how much I am enjoying the details the director is taking care of conveying to the viewer. He is wisely using all the talents of the cast for a wonderful result so far.
Reading you lines reminded me all the feeling and questions mark this first bolum triggered for me. The first bolum was memorable because in few minutes the camera told us so much things about each of the characters.

Take Nihal for example. In few steps with camera, we know who was she? She was the center of the world in this house and for this family. We knew  she was feeling safe, loved and happy. 

Watching  Behlul and Basir standing in front  of each other immediately shows these two shared  a common past and this common past made them rivals instead of friends.   It was interesting to see the one showing more   insecurity wasn’t the driver  (and later we know the handyman at that house)  but the man who seem at that moment part of the family. We knew later who was who  and some of the reasons of their discomfort with each other. 

I loved a lot of details in this episode and immediately enjoyed the little messages sent to the viewer . Behlul was my big enigma from the first episode, From the moment he gave the  gift to the miss saying to her what he said called my attention.  I started asking my self about him. I am trying to ignore what I know about him and his actions in the future to understand him better without any preconceived idea. 

The meaning of his message to the miss in this scene was revealed to us later but  there was still a hidden message that we had to understand between the lines about him. 

I won’t be longer with my post. I will talk longer about Behlul in a future post and the other characters and all the details calling my attention .

The old African slow train. Happy to be here but  can't go faster.

muchos besos,


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