Dec 8, 2010

Ya Salam ya MiMi !!

MiMi’cim I just saw your both posts  . I am speechless. Habibti you did a great job resolving my quiz. I have so much to say about your posts but I will take my time reading it again before I reply. but I want to say how much you read my mind and how beautifully you described each of the characters in relation with time.
Quote from MiMi :
Merhaba arkadaşlar I'm back again ;
Wise lady I've done part of my homework, I started replying to your last post then found myself jumping to another one of yours it's because I love them all so you'll find me wherever the wind takes me ..

I really think this is the greatness of this movie, It has so much things to talk about that it’s very hard to focus on one thing the same time. I couldn’t write in the last days because plenty of subjects were hitting my mind taking me in different directions. Then don’t worry to go where the wind takes you because it’s exactly what I am doing. And it’s what is making this experience together through this movie so enjoyable.

Today I was trying to write something and once again the wind was taking me in different directions and I was just thinking we are lucky to have this movie to makes us think about plenty of real life things.
In fact it’s good the movie ended and all we have to do is to watch each episode reading between the lines without having confusing trailers and without the need to speculate about what will happen.
 We aren’t focusing on the future of the story losing the essence of it because of the stress of what will happen and  if we want to jump and see the future episodes without enjoying the movie step by step we can always doing but it’s not the objective here.
Quote from MiMi
Last but not least my friends the guy who plays the lover of Fayrouz hanem (Ferdevs) for me he looks like if he is the son of Steve Austin    

Ya habibti Thank you so much for the laughter.    I was asking myself why he sounds so familiar for me.

You are the best habibti. I am lucky to have a friend like you who can make me stop at different stations  to look and live life. Station to think, station to laugh, station to cry...

Tutaa loves you so much.


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