Dec 7, 2010

AIM: a Team Work

Merhaba Wise Lady and all my friends ;

Masallah my dear you are really covering lots of points and looking to AiM from different dimensions .. you should know every time you post here you leave me like this   believe me I take your lines seriously and relive the dizi to solve your clues I'm sorry that I'm a definition to the word slow I've been like this all my life you & our friends realized it from our Asi gathering time. I have lots to share but really can't find the time either ..
Quote form Zafiro:  
It’s interesting to see  the camera/director  capturing all the beauty around the story/characters. A very  colorful place, the sea, the color of the sky, the flowers around  them, the beautiful houses.  All this perfect  world God made for us to enjoy ,  is contrasting with our imperfections  as human being.   This is certainly a plus for  the dizi.

Every inch on screen is so attractive to the eyes .. the pure nature & fantastic art .. nothing is missed exactly the way you have described it my dear ..

The picture is reflecting the harmony of a team work :

- The obvious respect of the writers toward the show viewers by enriching the characters with specific important details.

-  The broad vision of the director to bring out each line written in the scenario he is holding in his hands into the most suitable spaces indoors and outdoors.

-  The great talent of the camera operator or videographer to capture a continuous magical drawings and inserts the actors/actresses inside them.

- The producer for the generosity and approval of all the beautiful mostly expensive locations.

This beauty was administered from the first moment in the dizi .. immediately after we see bolum 1 written on screen, Adnan bey's hands are holding the sharp tool against a piece of wood , his both eyes are looking at his young daughter's sketch, sculpting her beauty on a fine art Portrait.

Then the scene is followed by another bright one, it's when Nehal comes out of her bedroom and stands in the corridor talking to her younger brother & Miss Deniz, how beautifully in few seconds we can see the sunlight penetrating both rooms curtains.

Then Nehal takes us for a short round in the house, she moves happily like a butterfly introducing the rest of the members living with her family at the big house.

At the end of the stairs Jameela (the young helper) who was in her way upstairs to water the plants, she nicely touches her shoulder telling her " I already watered the plants in my room ". She goes to the kitchen the kind chef is beautifully turning the fried eggs in the yellow pan, she humbly says good morning to the servants and Mr. Sulaiman (chef) points with his finger at his cheek as a gesture of him asking for a morning kiss from the butterfly, she goes straight to him and he gets his kiss, he reacts with appreciation & very cute fatherhood words " sweetie, mint, sugar, pistachio ".

And now the butterfly reaches the garden, in the way to her father's office, she takes the stairs, bends to smell some flowers, flies again touching the beautiful statue at her side, plays with the rounded sailing row.

Finally she reaches her father's place and gives the morning kiss before breakfast.

Hope I'm not crazy but this part is so relaxing and extremely beautiful to be seen more than once.

MiMi Mo

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