Dec 6, 2010

The Forbidden Loves

Hoşgeldin Wise lady ,

long time we didn't meet in such challenging discussion , I won't miss this opportunity to get all the African great wisdom out of you my friend ..

Now it's my turn to tell my part of the story, neither do I, the forbidden love is not my favor of a series to watch on a long term base ( two seasons ). My real reason is Fayrouz hanem the mother of the young wife , in the dubbed version she is carrying a precious name to my heart , my best best best friend's name. When she is being called my heart does bombom & when she talks my stomach doesn't stop hehehe !!

When you elaborated more about the " time element factor " you helped me thinking deeply about how each character is affected by it and I wanted to write something concerning Nihal the young lady in the family & lovely daughter of Adnan bey but every time I re-watch the first five bolums Miss Deniz attracts me more and more ..

And last night after reading your second post, I was surprised to find you my dear standing like me at the same window, looking closer at Miss Deniz and her courageous reaction to the coming event ..

Her eyes are saying a lot but no one is capable to read them at the moment except Bihlul the foxy dangerous nephew.

Her silence is screaming loudly " how dare you Adnan bey after all these years putting me nicely on the side shelf " .

Writing the resignation letter is my favorite scene , great performance was shown by this very professional actress, I love watching her tearing one letter and pulling another plain paper from her desk drawer for another trial.

Totally agree with you my Wise lady this dizi is presenting the forbidden love from different angles. After giving up on the resignation idea immediately she held between her fingers the frame of the two kids photo and spontaneously a very burning tear dropped from her eyes on their faces.

She is scared that staying next to their room will be forbidden for her, talking to them freely will be forbidden, correcting their mistakes will be forbidden, tucking them at night in bed will be forbidden, more than all " looking at their father's eyes without feeling guilty will be absolutely forbidden " ..

Likewise dear if I am a close friend to this woman I will be in big dilemma , for sure I will encourage her not to give up on the kids easily because they are part of her, if she needed to talk while I'm not around , then the piano is her only loyal friend.


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