Dec 8, 2010


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I wanted to share this post the same day Zafiroti talked about Behlul .. It was gharip to see Wise lady referring to motherhood and its effect on Behlul's complicated personality coz I was not far from that zone myself and Behlul is one of my reasons to think of the meaning of the word " MOTHER " inside AiM ..

It started while watching Ms. Deniz at Nihal's concert , the tears coming down from her eyes when Nihal was performing her play were so touchy to my heart .. her face & looks were SATURATED with love to her beautiful girl .. She was so proud of what she has accomplished so far with her non biological daughter.  I heard myself asking a question about the show " who is the real mama here " ..

In our countries we say " a mother is the one who raised not only who gave birth " , I find it so applicable in Ms. Deniz case. Practically she is the REAL MAMA for the two kids.

My Wise lady loved reading your vision about Behlul and how losing his mother caused major diverts on his life BUT I never pictured him with Adnan's wife, always thought of him arriving to the big house after the mother of the kids passed away .. interesting to see it from your own side & perspective. I think in his case, Ms. Deniz failed to contain him with her care and love the same way she did to Nihal & Bulent .. so minus the 3rd mother .. then comes the auntie (Adnan's sister) who also didn't mind his needs at a very young age although she is fulfilling her motherhood nature in Biser the boy who lived since childhood at her brother's house and she is allowing him to call her mom .. then again minus the 4th mother for you Behlul'cim.

Nihal, is another positive character playing the role of a young Mama to her brother perfectly .. she is taking this task seriously .. for this she got angry when Bulent called Bihtar " Mom " .. he's always been her own son after their mother died. Not only her brother but also Biser she is treating him like a concerned mom to assure herself by keeping her promise to her own mother.

Baysan (Bihtar's sister), is another good example of motherhood .. now she has proven she is the daughter of her father, her tenderness towards her baby boy is typically what she learnt from his kindness.

Fayrouz hanem my canimsin, everything to describe her is against motherhood , she is so empty of any emotional characteristics a mother should naturally feel & behave. She doesn't deserve to be called " anne " .. she is nothing but an elder abla to her two daughters.

Bihtar, the lady who inherited a copy of her mother's heartless genes .. her tendency to destroy her mother inside her soul has driven her to terminate the pregnancy & get rid of her first baby. She deceived herself with a false satisfaction accepting Bulent calling her mom !!   

Out of AiM
I'm very thankful My Ral'cim showed up last night this lady is a blessing wherever she goes and whenever she talks, we call her THE MOTHER OF THE FORUM, her motherhood is beyond the expectation , and her love to each one of us is unbelievable, she takes us as a package with her kids inside her heart. Beside her lovely kids I'm so lucky to have her in my life  

My Latoofii'cim under this funny Demira a GREAT MOTHER is hiding .. this lady is AMAZING with kids and not only her sweet kids, I realized this beautiful side of her last year like this time when I had to take care of my friend's two young children while she went to Makkah to perform Hajj .. the little girl was a disaster trouble maker I had to keep a close eye on her to insure her safety .. I included my friends in my situation by joking together in the chitchat, I think my fun sounded too serious without paying attention from me and there was my surprise the following day when I signed in to the forum I received my first personal message from My Latafa I guess she couldn't sleep from my words she really was trying to give me all the support to understand the girl's psychological need missing her mom and to be honest the mother of the girl NEVER done it all that time till she arrived back. But Latoofii was the one worried and I wanted so badly to give a telephone call and let her listen to the naughty girl herself to trust that it's my habit to joke using serious tone. Whenever I say grilled frogs she answers NO I'm cooking chicken legs to my kids I find my self loving her more & more

MiMi Lubb Ooooooooooooo canimsiniz !!       

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