Dec 7, 2010

The heart or the mind?

Merhaba my dear friends,

Talking again about the forbidden love and time element. i want to share with you the following.
In episode 5 in the Arabic version (can be 3 in the original one) we had an interesting discussion between Adnan bey and miss Deniz (Lamis).

Adnan: Miss Lamis. Am I wrong?    I am  talking about my marriage.
Lamis (Deniz):  Do you feel you are doing wrong?
A:  ???? But I love her.
L: Then  you aren’t doing wrong.  Let what should happen to happen.
A: Thank you for this advice.

Yes Miss Deniz (Lamis) thinks love worth it all the sacrifices. Even if Adan bey thinks he is mistaken. Even if he thinks he is seeking for a forbidden Love.  He should follow his heart and his heart loves this woman. I liked when she said to him:  Let what should happen to happen.   What does she mean  with this phrase? 

She means we can’t stop the flood of our feeling when we  are in love.  Even if we see this will take us to a painful and unhappy world, nothing can stop us from  taking the ‘wrong’ decision. 
I am sure a lot of us, we faced this in real life.  Even knowing we are taking the wrong decision our feeling are too strong to let place to our mind to guide us.   

May be she thinks Adnan bey is taking the wrong decision but the same time,  she is aware that it’s the only decision he can take. He can’t choose another one. He won’t be happy in both cases but maybe it worth it to try to follow his heart

It’s exactly what she did years ago (11 years ago). She took the uncertain decision to give all her time and her emotional and affective support to this man and his  family  without getting more than gratitude from him (and certainly a form of love too).  

 Maybe it was a mistake but I am sure she is aware that she didn’t have another choice. She couldn’t    give up on them/him and she couldn’t  give up on her dream to become one day somebody else than the miss in this house,  to become the real mom to  these kids. She had all the time to take another choice, to leave and start a new life but she couldn’t. And what had to happen happened.

One day she woke up and found that the man she  secretly loved for so many years,  has a new sparkle in  eyes and the sparkle was for beautiful and a young girl who made him forget his age like he said to his sister.   Time element again and how Adnan bey is dealing with the time he lost healing his wounds after he lost his wife. Love,


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