Dec 8, 2010

The Past, The Present and The Future

Merhaba arkadaşlar I'm back again ;

Wise lady I've done part of my homework, I started replying to your last post then found myself jumping to another one of yours.  it's because I love them all so you'll find me wherever the wind takes me ..
What  they are now and what they do is all  around time factor. Some are looking at the future,  others at the  past,  others  at both direction and others don’t want to see more than the current moment. They don’t want to look at the future because they are scared of it and they don’t want to look at the past because if they do,  it reminds them their obligation toward the future.

This time I'll say my opinion about the characters looking at the future

Adnan bey is the one looking at the future, he is finally thinking forward to achieve something different in his life or change his destiny, the opportunity came to him and he took the advantage of it, it might not come again if he didn't move fast, he got the attention of the young lady who recently lost her father who meant the safe shelter for her and now she is so fragile yani a good catch, she is searching for her father's warm look in Adnan's eyes.

Adnan is the loving father who sacrificed 11 years of his youth for his two kids without recognizing his loss, he tried to fill the gap of their mother's absence, he managed to hold the small family together; he involved himself in their very tiny needs and smallest daily details.

And now life is smiling again for him, he can compensate what had missed throughout the past with this marriage.

I think Adnan is the kind of a GIVER personality and for this reason he was impressed by Behtar over Ms. Deniz.

Bulent the only son of Adnan bey is the other character looking at the future. Mashallah this cute kid is amazing he has the charisma of a promising actor; he is playing an important role in making the viewer believes in this family and their relations with others as if they exist in reality not on TV.

This boy knows he was the reason behind his late mother's death, she wasn't supposed to get pregnant due to a terminal sickness but she did and she suffered for sometime post delivery till she left this world. In his heart he is hiding this sorrow and self blame and that built his awareness of the near & far future.

As for the near future he needs Behtar the beautiful young stepmother to fill his mother's place, his reaction to this marriage was very innocent he happily accepted this news saying at least she is beautiful and she will treat us nicely.

About the far future, this boy is very wild and took Behlul his cousin as a perfect role model, he is imitating his style and can't wait to be adult to become the second playboy in the family.

Jameela is the 3rd character looking strongly at the future with a fantasy of becoming Mrs. Besir.

A young girl's personality full of complexity, not accepting the way she is living with her family at Adnan's bey house. Her closer age to Nehal aggravated the feeling of jealousy in her.

And her angry facial expression is always saying " why me ? " . She can't give up on Besir and lose him to Nehal who was born with a golden spoon between her lips.

She treats Besir like if he belongs to her and he must respond to her emotions with passion, after all they are sharing the same background and living status.

Last but not least my friends the guy who plays the lover of Fayrouz hanem (Ferdevs) for me he looks like if he is the son of Steve Austin.

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