Dec 6, 2010

My First Impressions


MiMi'cim me too I am watching AiM. initially I didn't plan to watch it for 2 reasons. First from the resume about the story, they talked about a love story between a nephew and the young wife of  man. I said Ok even the title is trivial. The forbidden Love is clear I didn't see any interest in the story. Second I heard the second season was bad and I didn't want to start watching a dizi that was going to lose quality.
But as you suggested,  I started watching and I have to say 'Thank you for asking me to watch', I am enjoying it very much. Now  I am not sure the Forbidden Love is a trivial title and only referring to the love story of the wife and the nephew. It's much more than that but I will talk more about this point in another post.

Thank you for attracting my attention to the Time Element in this dizi. Each of the character is dealing with the time element in his own way but at the end It's a lot about it. It's interesting to see how they are all taking decision taking in account the time element. The youngest looking at the future and the oldest looking at the past.

I will surely explain my idea in another post because I need to watch more episodes before I can say more about the characters but I have to say I am amazed the see the good Job the writers did with the characters. They are all well defined, no need to play with the viewer's  mind creating shallow characters used   to fill in the gap in a story not very much defined like it happens too often in dizis.  Of course we will see an evolution of the characters very much affected by the events they are all going to face but I have hopes that the evolution will be coherent with the initial version of the characters.

Thank so much for such great post about the character of Miss Lamis (Miss Deniz) (read the page called read us for more information).
I loved so much  the scene of 'the confession' like I call it, I loved to see how Miss Deniz could hide her feeling and could smile to him when she heard from him what her heart was telling her lately about Adnan bey. Indeed she was very brave all the time she  was seeing,    like you expressed so beautifully and so truly,  her dream (and I am sure her only dream), smashing in front of her.



Scenes from episode 2

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