Dec 8, 2010

Around the Mirrors (A reply)

It has been a while for me I didn’t talk here. It’s a big paradox but I have so much to say that I am blocked to say anything. The flow of  emotions, feelings and thoughts is so big that I have problems to focus on writing on each of them without  jumping from one topic to another.

I mean the story itself is very interesting but the way the director is telling it is as interesting as the story itself.  The director, the art director, the camera are working in an incredible harmony to talk to us not only with words but also with symbols and here MiMi’cim you made me see one of those symbols they are using: The mirrors.

Thank you for opening my eyes to understand better things I had as a question mark and that your great post helped me to find answers to them. I knew from the first episode that everything we see, any single details around has its importance and that why I wanted to understand 2 things from the beginning.

 The first question was why did they show us Adnan Bey asking for Behtar’s hand in the cemetery and didn’t do it in another place? Well I got the answer step by step to this question.
The other one was  What was the message behind the first mirror scene of Nihal.  Why did they introduce to us Nihal through the  mirror and I was sure it had a meaning

And tonight thanks to you I got my answer. Thank you so much habibti for being my eyes when I can’t see   what I have in front. The mirror scenes are all telling us something interesting and you did a great job in calling our attention to this symbol. I am understand more and more things thanks to you.

For example, It’s interesting to see that showing us  Fayrouz Hanem looking at her image in the mirror so often  isn’t talking about a gesture of a woman coquetry or vanity but about her fear to be seen  inside, for her life is  a poker game  and to win she has to  keep  taking care of her appearance thinking that people want see her ugly real face, I mean the one she carries inside.

Talking about how much Behter is a  dark copy of her mom, the mirror scenes are also giving us an answer. I noticed that they repeat showing us Behtar preparing for dinner sitting in front of her mirror. In fact the way the camera is showing those   scenes that are natural gesture  for a young and new married woman,  are giving us another message. The message that Behtar needs to wear a ‘mask’ every time she has to meet with the big family and her sitting in front of the mirror is a ritual for her to hide her inner dark side.
The smart stairs mirror, wow what a mirror we've got here, it's super in connecting the house residents together .. it brought to us a very important moment between Adnan & his young daughter.

Yes the mirror was here to capture this crutial moment for the 3 of them. The moment that was going to see their life forever changed. It was a clever choice for the director to make Miss Deniz part of the scene from upstairs but still the mirror effect showed her closer since its  position was between the 2 floors.  Miss Deniz had to keep  distance while father and daughter were talking because in fact she can’t forget she is the miss in this family and not a full member of it but the same time Miss Deniz is the closest person to them.
Her mother was so quick, turned her directly to the mirror and let her face the ugly truth (the fruit doesn't fall far from its own tree) she basically inherited the same greediness, same anger & same arrogance. She is the dark version of Fayrouz hanem.

I loved this scene so much and I want to say that Beren did a great job in it. When her mom obliged her to face her image in the mirror we saw in her facial expression the negation to accept what she was seeing. But I won’t say more about her for tonight.

And once again this movie showed,  we can all find ourselves in it. Just like the characters of the movie, all of us we stop to look at our image in the mirror certainly several time a day  but how often do we look at ourselves inside.  Certainly less than we should do.
Thank you MiMi'cim for sharing with us this wonderful post that shows once again the great movie we are having here.

Love you all.

Your African sister Zafiro

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