Dec 8, 2010

Around the Mirrors

My dear friends today I want to share with you something I find it so creative in AiM , the mirrors and the connections of people around them ..

It's interesting to see the unique style of the mirror utilization in the dizi to give different meanings inside many scenes.

Habitually we are used to watch the actor/actress fixing their appearance in the mirror :

Like when Nehal is putting the tiny girly clips in her silky hair.

Like when Raneem (Nehal's friend) is arranging her look every time she knows Muhanad ( Behlul ) is present.

Like when Fayrouz hanem is keeping her handy mirror at her bedside after her discharge from the hospital, being a guest at Adnan bey's house is so relaxing for her as much as it's stressful for everyone else surrounding her. Between checking her makeup in the mirror, and fixing her hair in the mirror, she is having another quick look at the mirror.

Another powerful moments were caught in the mirror :

Ms. Deniz and the reflection of her sad face on the small mirror located on top of her desk during the irritable moment she lived trying to write the resignation letter to Adnan bey.

The smart stairs mirror, wow what a mirror we've got here, it's super in connecting the house residents together .. it brought to us a very important moment between Adnan & his young daughter Nehal before going to Fayrouz hanem's house asking for her daughter's hand , both were downstairs and the mirror bonded Ms. Deniz with them at the same minute while standing upstairs. Her facial expression was revealing a lot like if she wanted to scream and stop Adnan from his irreversible decision and how her heart was breaking into pieces from Nehal's suffer. The smart mirror didn't leave us till Adnan went out of the door & Nehal ran immediately to Ms. Deniz upstairs and embraced her tightly, cried on her shoulder to feel safe between the arms she always known and be reassured to accept the new coming situation.

The big confrontation between Fayrouz hanem & Behtar in front of the dining room's wide mirror, She showed her how foolish she is, believing she is representing her father with his honest line in life while she is typically a negative copy of her mother Fayrouz hanem.

Her mother was so quick, turned her directly to the mirror and let her face the ugly truth (the fruit doesn't fall far from its own tree) she basically inherited the same greediness, same anger & same arrogance. She is the dark version of Fayrouz hanem.

This scene as I see it is the key to Behtar's complicated personality.

Nehal sadness of the unknown was clearly reflected on her father's bedroom two mirrors the night prior to his wedding ceremony, the girl was lost and nearly depressed moving in circles checking the changes in the room, smelling her late mother soulful scent for the last time. She had to enter that night as if her inner voice was reminding her " From tomorrow your parents room will be forbidden for you " .

Finally a very special thanks to the black & golden mirror on the floor for the funny shot it gave us while vacating the house .. watching Katia (Fayrouz hanem's right hand and arrogant butler) using both hands to carry the heavy bag of her Ma'am with all energy that she got is absolutely something NOT TO BE MISSED. It's a small dose of her coming misery at Adnan bey's house.

MiMi Lubb Ooooooo !!

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