Dec 8, 2010

Love is never one (a reply)

Hello my dearest friends

Quote from: zafiro
Love is never one: Part 1. Yes we know this truth. Well personally it took me time to learn it but I am always slow to get things. 

Wise lady first of all GREAT post my dear. Second, move a little bit and let me sit beside you yes like this !!
You are reminding me of what Ihsan Abdel Kuddous said years before I was born " In the life of each of us, a big fake named the first love " and the dizi allowed me to hear it once again from you with the year 2010 style.

Bihtar trusted this faked call and moved with it's waves and concluded with a forbidden love.

Biser enjoyed living this delusion too which made him accept to be Nihal's shadow.

Camila believed it also and she is going on destroying her youth for this faked first love.

Well I won't say more till I read your part 2 abla  

HOPkiss to all

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