Dec 6, 2010

Time Elements: Part 2

Merhaba every one,

MiMi'cim, I want to add something about the scene you talked about in your previous post.  It was a total irony of life to hear Adnan Bey ‘s confessions to Lamis Hanem (Miss Deniz) . I am talking about his confession to her on how much time he needed to be cured and his hope about a new opportunity in life.

This new opportunity he was seeing is the one that suddenly turned Miss Deniz’s dream into ashes. While he was talking about his hope to make up for the time he wasted as a Man and about God’s blessing him with this new opportunity in life, she was realizing all the years she wasted as a Woman, the years she waiting for him to see her more than the miss in that house. The time he was describing as a cure to his wounds turned to be the cause of her tragedy. It’s the time she spent waiting for him.

I was thinking if this lady was a friend of mine, what would I say to her to support her? How many times we said to somebody ‘Give time to time, it will cure everything’ but which time will be a cure for the a time that passed without living your life?

I won’t finish my post without talking about the great performance of the two actors in this scene. The Teenager Smile Selcuk gave to Adnan bey when he heard from her how obvious was his love for Samar (Bihter) was amazing, for some seconds, the viewer could see Adnan bey much younger than he was.
The facial expression of Zerrin to show the growing pain of Lamis hanem , her inner fight to control herself from showing her devastated hearts till the last scene after Adnan bey left her. And funally the last scene when she used her body to express all the pain every cell of it was carrying at that moment showed a great actress we have in the dizi.

To finish I have to say that the writers too did a great job with the dialogs of the scene, every single word they made them say to each other can be subject of lines and lines of comments. And the last but not the least,  the director did a great job from his side. He kept saying us things even after the characters finished their talk.


Scenes from episode 2
Scenes from episode 2

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