Dec 7, 2010

The Forbidden Loves (a reply)

Merhaba my dears,

Hoşgeldin Marvooti.  I am really pleased to have this opportunity to share with you and all our sisters all the aspects, feelings and interest this dizi is triggering in me.  I won’t pretend to share it with any wisdom because I don’t have any  but I will share it with a lot of love and enthusiasm.

It sounds crazy but I see behind the camera a small representation of a real world. The personalities of the  characters  are so varied  and very interesting. Several generations of people interacting with each other with their own perception of life,  their own fear, concerns  and dreams. It’s interesting to see how much they have in common but they  approach things in a different way  and it’s interesting to see how the writers will bring the two generations to a common and sharing life through the marriage of Adnan Bey and Bihter (Samar) and the consequences of it.    I am enjoying this ‘micro world’  they are representing with all its  values and anti values. 

It’s interesting to see  the camera/director  capturing all the beauty around the story/characters. A very  colorful place, the sea, the color of the sky, the flowers around  them, the beautiful houses.  All this perfect  world God made for us to enjoy ,  is contrasting with our imperfections  as human being.   This is certainly a plus for  the dizi.

My real reason is Fayrouz hanem the mother of the young wife , in the dubbed version she is carrying a precious name to my heart , my best best best friend's name  .. When she is being called my heart does bombom & when she talks my stomach doesn't stop hehehe !!

Ya Allah ya katkouta,  I envy your best best best friend for having you, not a lot of us talk about their friend the way you are  talking about her.  Your heart’s  bombom     is felt all over the cyberspace when you wrote those lines. Your enthusiasm is so contagious canim  .   I am sure she knows she is   lucky to have  you  in her life.   I have plenty to say about Fayrouz Hanem, she is a very interesting character for sure but I need to watch more bolums before I talk about her.
When you elaborated more about the " time element factor " you helped me thinking deeply about how each character is affected by it

I agree with you canim,  we have so much to say about ‘time element factor’  and how each of the characters is affected  by it.  What  they are now and what they do is all  around time factor.  Some are looking at the future,  others at the  past,  others  at both direction and others don’t want to see more than the current moment. They don’t want to look  at the future because they are scared of it and they don’t want to look at the past because if they do,  it reminds them their obligation toward the future.   
It’s certainly interesting to see how each of them is dealing with the past  and with the future.  Adnan bey,   Nihal, Behlul (Mohand ), Besir, Ferdevs (Fayrouz),  (Samar)  and we have this space to talk about it deeply.
And last night after reading your second post, I was surprised to find you my dear standing like me at the same window, looking closer at Miss Deniz and her courageous reaction to the coming event …

Yes I think it’s inevitable to look at this admirable woman with much more interests.  The actress is doing a great job with the character.  I love her and love to see her expressive eyes talking to me. She isn’t not only making me looking at her but BEING HER sometimes.  I am enjoying  this feeling very much. 
She is making me look at each character  with her ‘own eyes’  but giving me space to have my own perception...  I am feeling she will be my window to the coming events/story and I hope I am right about It  and like you, I still have a lot to say about her.
She is scared that staying next to their room will be forbidden for her, talking to them freely will be forbidden, correcting their mistakes will be forbidden, tucking them at night in bed will be forbidden, more than all " looking at their father's eyes without feeling guilty will be absolutely forbidden " ..

I love your perception of this forbidden love. I wasn’t including the kids in her  forbidden love … Yes this another of so many forbidden loves we have in the dizi and one of the most important of them.  Thank you for pointing this  to us. 

Muchos Besos,


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