Dec 8, 2010

The Past, the Present and the Future: Part 2

Selam my dears this is my part 2 of Wise Lady's quiz :

Quote from: zafiro
Some are looking at the future, others at the past, others at both direction and others don’t want to see more than the current moment. They don’t want to look at the future because they are scared of it and they don’t want to look at the past because if they do, it reminds them their obligation toward the future.

Others at the past:

I can't see anyone so far looking backwards and connected to the past more than Behtar. The past is controlling her steps and making her locked in a small cage of thoughts & bad memories, no daylight can cross it.
The past had killed her happiness of today & tomorrow. Anytime she smiles or seems enjoying her time, her face looks fake.

 Others at both directions:

Nehal & Behlul they both understood the meaning of being an orphan at a very young age, as much as the past is painful for them but still it is keeping images of parents they still remember and love. They both enjoy exploring the current today and having high expectations and ambitions of the future.

 Fayrouz hanem my preferred multi complicated character, she is the perfect example of a woman who lives today fighting to achieve the best future she can gets, trying to erase the mistakes of the past.

Others don’t want to see more than the current moment:

Ms. Deniz who doesn't have any more TRUST in the coming future after seeing her dream escaping from between her hands. The current moment is all what she is aiming for right now, not to be separated from the two kids.  

Baysan the sister of Behtar; I don't see her looking further than where her foot takes her. The coming baby might gives her a push towards the future but I don't feel it yet.

Besir the young handy man at Adnan's residence and closest friend to Nehal, I guess at the moment he doesn't want the current days to move so fast because the future is so vague for him, it might brings personal success and financial stability BUT also great loss of his platonic love story to Nehal.



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